Hemp vs Cotton : Is It That Complex?

Industrial Hemp was banned from the US in 1937.

When one explores hemp and further understands just how potential this plant is to mankind and to the planet…. then you just gotta scratch your head and ask, Why did the United States of America ban Hemp from its people??”

And the WHY does not matter…. not really. Hemp is back in the soil of the country.
When the people lead, the leaders follow.

Hemp came back home to America.

She is growing in the fields across the country right now. She is a mighty crop. Farmers are loving her in their fields.

As we continue to process our own hemp, then hemp products will decrease in cost. Right now, they are quite expensive in America, partly due to the hemp being grown/produced over seas.

Hemp is a major game-changer for the world when used to its full potential.

What makes hemp
a preferred material
over cotton?


Cotton takes 1400 gallons of water for every pound of cotton planned to be grown. Some cotton producing countries are running out of fresh water. Other areas are experiencing desertification from growing cotton.

Hemp takes about half the amount of water than cotton does. Hemp grows quickly and is a strong plant. Hemp produces about 200% to 250% more fiber, using the same amount of land as cotton.


Cotton takes a lot of fertilizers and herbicides, using about 25% of the world’s pesticides to grow the plant. Those chemicals can then end up being absorbed by your skin as you wear or sleep in the material.

Hemp requires zero pesticides/herbicides to grow. The way the plant grows, it competes with weeds and over powers them, allowing the plant to grow quickly and freely. Hemp prefers organic fertilizers.


Cotton can be very comfortable to wear. It breaks in and becomes more comfortable. It is also true that cotton fibers break down in time. The more you wash it, the more  quickly it breaks down.

Hemp is a strong, natural fiber which also gets softer in time. It does not start out as soft as cotton, but is far from uncomfortable. Hemp fabric ‘softens’ over time. Hemp fiber is much stronger and durable than cotton. Washing’s do not break down the fiber no where as fast as cotton.

When we make more hemp clothing, we will make less clothing. Hemp does not wear out as quickly as cotton.


Cotton has a natural wicking system and yet it tends to hold moisture longer than desired. One of the biggest downsides to synthetic fibers is they do not dispel odor well and do not deal with moisture well either.

Hemp is extremely effective at breathability and wicking moisture away from the body. Hemp also has an anti-bacterial property which means it will not mold or mildew as easily. Hemp does not hold odors. As you wear hemp, you are detoxing your body and the environment around you.


Cotton is naturally white, off-white and cream in color. It can then be died either naturally or synthetically for the desired color.

NOTE: People are becoming more aware of their ‘environment’ and the ill effects it is having on their bodies. This is creating a huge demand for organic cotton. No longer does the tag ‘100% Cotton’ mean anything good today.

Hemp is naturally creamy white, green, brown, grey or black in color. That depends on which of the various processes is used to remove the fibers from the stem of the plant. With so many natural colors, dying is not needed.
Hemp can be dyed both naturally and synthetically.

In the end, Hemp seems to come out ahead of Cotton. That is not to say that cotton is not good. Cotton does have its place in the world, preferably organic cotton.

Overall, hemp wins hands down. It uses less water, no pesticides and it boasts a lot more fiber per acre and so much more.

NOTE: A friend recently told me, that their hemp clothing fell apart over time. My gut response to that is, the workmanship was perhaps of poor quality.  Possibly made with too short of fibers.  There is a ‘technique’ to properly creating hemp fabric. Hemp is naturally a very strong material. Keep in mind, hemp was once preferred for the sails on ships.
Thank you for telling me, should you read this post. 😀

Hemp is authentic at sequestering the CO2 in the atmosphere. Meaning….it cleans/purifies the air as it grows and as we wear it….

Hemp is, by nature, a ‘High Vibing’ plant. Hence, it makes sense when people tell me that they feel ‘exceptionally well’ when wearing hemp.

Thank you for taking in and sharing the world of hemp,

posted 05.02.18

Daily Prompt: authentic


image credit to: Collective-Evolution.com

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