Welcome <3

Welcome to my
Industrial Hemp
CBD (Cannabidiol)
Info Site and Blog !

Join me while I explore the return of
Hemp to America
and what that means
for Earth.

Discover the various
benefits and versatility
of this God given plant,
Industrial Hemp.

Why Hemp?

That is a fair question!

Here is a simple, yet in-depth answer.

Because it is a HEALTHY choice!

Due to Hemp’s versatility, “healthy choice” does not mean, only by consumption.

  • Hemp is now being grown in America.
    • As more and more conscious farmers open up their land to the growth of Hemp, Mother Earth is aided in cleansing.
  • When we wear items made from Hemp, we are purifying our bodies, homes and environment.
  • Living in a Hemp home has got to be one of the most blissful lifestyles.
    • The health and environmental benefits, of Hemp construction, surpasses anything available today.

It is my mission to educate the world, one person at a time, to the benefits of Hemp, CBD and other cannabinoids.
We are now discovering that CBD, goes way beyond Hemp.

I appreciate and thank you for being here,
~ HempRen

PS – Hemp Blog in the menu,
is where you will find
all the great ongoing
hemp info and facts.




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